Ebrary QuickView has increased functionality

Ebrary (e-book collection) has announced significant additional functionality on QuickView, the reader tool that gives you access to the full text of e-books. QuickView does not require software downloads or installations and is the default reader for the database.

Elaine Shallcross


Quick link icons to our Web 2.0 services now available from the library home page

Quick link icons to our Web 2.0 services have been added to the Library home page. You can now link to the new library construction photostream on Flickr, L&HC InfoLinks blog for University staff and students, L&HC on Facebook and Twitter, and to our ‘Ask a Librarian’ instant messaging service.

Please do take a look – I’m interested to hear what you think, and welcome your participation in the new L&HC Facebook Group.

Springer e-books trial includes the Protocols Series

From now until October 2010 the SpringerProtocols are available on a trial basis from two websites:

  1. www.springerprotocols.com – this is a portal site which offers only the Protocol content with additional Web 2.0 features and search capabilities.  The supplier recommends this way to access the Protocol material to make best use of the content.  When searching here you’re only looking at the Protocols.
  2. www.springerlink.com – this is where the full e-books trial is held and Protocols can be searched for along with other e-book content.

Further information can be obtained from Principal Information Consultant, Susan McCourt (s.mccourt@abdn.ac.uk).

Two important e-book collections currently on trial

Cambridge Books Online gives us trial access to 7,700 full text e-books until 15th June 2010. The collection covers science, technology and medicine, as well as humanities and social sciences. The URL for access is: http://ebooks.cambridge.org.

There are over 16,000 items in the Springer electronic books trial which runs until October 2010. The collection has a broad scientific content including life and biological sciences and includes the Protocols series. To find out what is there, and to search across it, you need to go to www.springerlink.com/books.

A full list of current trials and new electronic resources is available at www.abdn.ac.uk/library/newtrials.shtml.

Use our services? Your opinion matters

There is still time to complete the Library & Historic Collections annual survey. Whether you visit the library building to study or only use our online resources from a distance, we welcome your views on what we do to support your studies.

Please link to the survey from the email sent by Library & Historic Collections on Tuesday 27 April. The survey closes at midnight on Saturday 8th May. Many thanks.

Additional study spaces available over the exam period

Need a quiet place to study for exams? Seats in QML are about as rare as hens teeth at exam time so we have arranged for rooms to be set aside in MacRobert and Meston Buildings at various times between 17 May and 11 June.

These rooms are available Monday – Friday, 9am to 10pm (or as indicated below):

MacRobert Building
Both rooms are on the 3rd Floor, accessible via the student lifts:
MR 304
Week 45     May 17, 19, 20 (after 12pm)
Week 46     May 24, 25 (after 12pm), 26, 27 (after 12pm), 28
Week 47     May 31, June 1-2, 3 (after 12pm), 4

MR 314
Week 45     May 17 (after 2pm), 18 (not 3-4pm), 19, 20 (after 2pm), 21
Week 46     May 24, 25 (after 12pm), 26-28
Week 47     May 31 – June 4

Meston Building
MT009, MT013 & MT159
Week 46 – 48    May 24 – June 11

MT009 & MT 013:  Entering building from end facing Fraser Noble Building, enter corridor opposite, go down first stairs on left, turn right along corridor to MT027, turn right and MT009 & MT013 are along corridor.

MT159: Entering from Fraser Noble end, follow corridor, cross bridge, re-enter building, go upstairs and turn left. MT159 is along corridor.

Staff in Library & Historic Collections wish you every success in your exams.

Do you use Elsevier e-books? Participants needed for an important international e-book study

The Library at the University of Aberdeen is among a number of universities in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia working in partnership with Elsevier in an international e-books usage and value study. Data gathered from surveys of researchers, teaching staff and students will be analysed to gauge how and when Elsevier e-books are used in the academic environment.

Your contribution to this important international study will be recognised by a complementary gift from Elsevier.

Link to the library web page about the Elsevier study

2D barcode link for smart phones

To link to a library web page on the Elsevier e-books study either *read this 2D barcode into your smart phone, or follow the link here.

* a free barcode reader app can be downloaded from here.