Library PC classrooms – improvements coming…

Due to an IT and AV refurbishment, PC classrooms 1, 2 and 3 (Rooms 226, 227 and 230) on Floor 2 of The Sir Duncan Rice Library will be unavailable for use from Monday 23 July – mid-August. We apologise for the inconvenience, but the summer months are the only time when such work can take place. There are other PCs available around the Library, but to find a PC elsewhere on campus check out IT Services’ free PC app at Please also note that the Taylor Library is open from 09:00 to 17:00 over the summer period. Taylor Library’s PC classroom is located on Level 2 of Block C.

For Business School students:

PCs with Bloomberg and DataStream software will be relocated during this period so that the software can continue to be accessed by students. For those using this software, please note the following:

Friday 20 July:

  • Until 13:30: all PCs are available for use in PC Classroom 3
  • At 13:30: 10 PCs will be relocated to Floor 3 – please note that there will be some disruption and noise during this relocation
  • 13 PCs will still be available in PC Classroom 3
  • Once the 10 PCs have been relocated and connected, they will be available on Floor 3
  • 13 PCs will remain available in PC Classroom 3
  • 1 Bloomberg PC is available in the Edward Wright building – EW S81/83

Saturday 21 July:

  • 13 PCs will still be available in PC Classroom 3 – 7 Bloomberg and 6 DataStream
  • 10 PCs will be available on Floor 3 – 8 Bloomberg and 2 DataStream
  • 1 Bloomberg PC is available in the Edward Wright building – EW S81/83

From Monday 23 July to mid-August:

  • 10 PCs will be available on Floor 3 – 8 Bloomberg and 2 DataStream
  • 1 Bloomberg PC is available in the Edward Wright building – EW S81/83
  • Those requiring access to Bloomberg and Datastream software will have priority access to the PCs relocated to Floor 3. If you have any queries on accessing them please speak with staff on Floors 1 or 4 of The Sir Duncan Rice Library.

From mid-August onwards:

PC Classroom 3 will be re-instated and the 10 PCs with Bloomberg and DataStream will be returned to this room. The additional Bloomberg PC will remain in Edward Wright EW S81/83.


Janet MacKay,


Access difficulties with OnePetro: Update

Although the previously reported error message for OnePetro is still on display, the difficulty now appears to have been resolved. It is possible to download PDFs from searches.

If you experience any difficulties please email:

Apologies for the inconvenience – SPE* are investigating the issue.

*Society of Petroleum Engineers

Intermittent problems accessing ScienceDirect/Scopus from off-campus

There is an intermittent access problem, when off-campus, to two Elsevier databases, ScienceDirect and Scopus. This problem is impacting on other Universities as well and is not something we can fix ourselves here in Aberdeen. We are in communication with Elsevier regarding this and they are looking for a permanent fix to this occasional problem.

In the meantime, if you experience access problems when off-campus, you can use the VDI system to access both ScienceDirect or Scopus as if you were on campus. Learn about the VDI here.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may be causing but are working to find a solution to it.

Potential noise disturbance in The Sir Duncan Rice Library – Tuesday July 3

There will be vital work carried out on the roof of The Sir Duncan Rice Library on Tuesday July 3, 2018, and we would like to apologise in advance for any noise resulting from the work.

The disturbance, if any, will be most noticeable on Floors 6 and 7. Alternatively, the Taylor Library is also open on the Old Aberdeen campus, until 5.00pm.

We apologise for the disturbance and any inconvenience caused.

Primo – short interruptions due to maintenance – July 2, 2018

Primo, the online interface for searching our collections, will be undergoing maintenance during the morning of July 2, resulting in short periods when the service will be unavailable. This vital work is being carried out at this time to minimise inconvenience to all of our users. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

It will still be possible to search our collections during this time by using our individual catalogues. These can be found elsewhere on our website

Extended opening hours at The Sir Duncan Rice Library during exam re-sits

We would like to announce that following discussions with AUSA The Sir Duncan Rice Library will be extending its opening hours during the approaching exam re-sits, as a pilot, to give students greater opportunity to use our facilities to revise.

From Monday 25 June to Thursday 12 July we will be open to 10pm Mon-Fri, instead of 8pm. On Saturdays we will still be open 9-5 and closed on Sundays, as before).

The opening hours at the Taylor Library and Medical Library will be remaining the same.

There are 2 exceptions to this pattern, however. On Thursday 28th June the library will close at 5pm for the annual TAU Racing car event, and on Monday 9th July we will be closed for the public holiday, along with the rest of the university.

Good luck from the Library to all students undertaking re-sits.