Noise in the library: how to let us know if you are being disturbed

We ask all users of The Sir Duncan Rice Library to be considerate to others studying and focusing upon exam revision. Exams can be a time of stress so, please think of other library users as you revise and while you move around the building. As you walk out of the library, remember that people sat in their seats are still working. 


The Sir Duncan Rice Library provides a range of spaces for different types of use, from completely silent to more informal group working areas. In general, the library gets quieter as you move up the floors, with floor 7 being the quietest. It is also noisier near the lifts but gets quieter as you move across to the south side of the building.

Find out more about our silent study spaces in the relevant “Did You Know…?” post.

During this important time, we try to ensure that a quiet, safe and clean study environment is in place for all users.  Please remember that if you are being disturbed by others using the library, you can speak to library staff. You can find us in the offices and at information points on Floors 1-6 Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. All other times speak with members of staff at the Information Centre on Floor 1 and on the Welcome Desk.

For any comments or questions on our service provision and policies, do not hesitate to get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or via email.


Staff at all libraries would like to wish all our students the best of luck in all their exams!


Did you know about the Library’s collection of past exam papers?

With just a week until the start of the exam period, we would like to help you prepare for your exams by reminding you about the Library’s large online collection of past exam papers. 


You can search for past papers on Primo [] or directly via DigiTool [], our digital materials database.  As access to papers is restricted to University of Aberdeen members, you will be asked for your computer username and password. There are over 3,000 past exam papers in Word or PDF format covering undergraduate and postgraduate courses from across the University.

We do not have every past exam paper available, so if you cannot find an exam paper for a particular course, check with the School that delivers that course to see if they can provide copies of past exams.

For information on how to locate past papers in Primo, see the relevant library guide:

A further guide to using DigiTool is available here:

Don’t forget that library staff are always happy to help you locate any resources you may need in preparation for your exams. Please ask a member of staff if you need help!

Walk-In Users service

Did you know that the Library offers a Walk-In Users service, which allows members of the public to access electronic resources where licensing conditions permit? There are dedicated computer terminals located on Floor 1 and 2 of the Sir Duncan Rice Library.  There is no access off-campus.

This service is only available when library staff are on duty and you are expected to do the searching yourself. Printing is not possible so bring your own memory stick to download material within copyright regulations.

What you can do What you cannot do Who can use the service
The resources may be used for educational purposes only Use for commercial or business purposes is strictly forbidden Anyone who is not currently a registered student or employee of the University
Information may be saved to a memory stick Printing is not possible This can be a member of the public, a teacher or senior pupil from a local school
Within copyright law it is permissible to download 1 article from a journal issue or 1 chapter from a book Multiple downloading is illegal and is carefully monitored by the database provider An honorary or ex-member of University staff who has no University network access
Pass on the information to other users
Access other areas of the university network

How to use this service

To register for the service, please visit The Sir Duncan Rice Library. You will need to provide photographic ID e.g. passport and verification of your address e.g. utility bill.  You will be asked to read and sign Terms and Conditions and complete a registration form.  An access pass will be issued and this, along with the membership, is renewable.

To use the service, please go to the Information Desk on the First Floor to sign in and you will be issued with a Smartcard to operate the dedicated Walk-In Users PCs.

What is available?

Access to many of the Library’s extensive range of full-text and bibliographic databases is available. Availability and access varies and please be aware that access is subject to strict licensing permissions and copyright law.  The databases and e-journals are organised under the following headings:

  • Cross Disciplinary
  • Business, Law and Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Sciences

Help screens are available and many of the resources have tutorials.

Please follow the link detailed below for brief tips to use in conjunction with the tutorials on how to make the most out of them, along with full details of Terms and Conditions:

This link also provides details of the various suppliers and a brief summary of what they provide.

Any questions about this service should be directed to:

Email: or Tel.: 01224 273330

Mhorag Watson,



Unattended belongings in our libraries

In the days leading up to the revision and exam period, all of our libraries will become busier. We would like to remind all students to mind their personal belongings:

Please do not leave your laptop or any other valuables unattended for any length of time. 


Study Carrel – Seattle University School of Law Library. Licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons licence.

Please report any problems to library staff in person, by email or over the phone:

The Sir Duncan Rice Library
T: 01224 273330

Taylor Library
T: 01224 272601

Medical Library
T: 01224 437870


Lexis Library: News & International collections unavailable

Lexis Library’s News and International Materials collections have been moved to a new platform. Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to access this content. If you require a specific document held in either of these collections, please email the Library at Please include details of the item(s) you require and your contact details.

The Library is in contact with Lexis Library and we hope to regain access to this content soon. Please note that all other collections within Lexis Library are unaffected.

Information Skills workshops for PhD researchers: places still available

The Library is here to help all postgraduate researchers as they begin, or continue their in-depth research, with a short series of Information Skills workshops designed to their needs.

The workshops will take place on the 16th, 17th & 18th of April and will help you understand the resources available to you as researchers here at the University of Aberdeen, and how to get the best out of them.

There are three workshops on offer, each lasting two hours:

  • Literature searching – Part 1: Getting started
  • Literature searching – Part 2: Using databases
  • Literature searching – Part 3: Managing your references using RefWorks*

Across the three workshops we will look at:

  • Planning your search
  • Looking for books: using Primo and e-books
  • Databases of academic literature
  • Getting the best out of Google
  • Managing your references with RefWorks
  • Formatting Word documents with in-text citations and bibliographies

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The workshop focusing on the management of references

(Part 3) is not suitable for research postgraduates in the School of Law, as the software used does not support the OSCOLA referencing style required for legal theses.

To find out more, and to book onto the different workshops please visit and look for Library Information Skills classes.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshops!

Revision Strategies and Exam Techniques: come to a session

Are you making the best use of your time? What’s good to do in an exam? How do you make the most of your knowledge?

The Student Learning Service offers sessions to help you with your revision and to discuss tips and hints for sitting exams.

To find out more about these sessions and book a place today, visit:  and change the category to ‘Student Learning Service’.

Please note that these sessions are not held in the Library.